As women, we are capable of incredible strength and resilience. We can push ourselves beyond our perceived limits and achieve great things. However, sometimes in our pursuit of success or in our desire to help others, we can lose touch with our bodies and our own needs.

For many women, the pressure to be everything to everyone can be overwhelming. We may feel like we have to sacrifice our own well-being in order to care for others or achieve our goals. We may disconnect from our bodies, treating them like machines that can be pushed to the limit. We may ignore signs of pain or fatigue, numbing ourselves with unhealthy habits or simply pushing through the discomfort.

This mentality is so common in our world. We are told to never give up, to tough it out no matter what. But in doing so, we may be harming ourselves and our bodies. We may be disempowering ourselves and ignoring the wisdom that our bodies have to offer.

You see, our bodies hold on to the trauma and stress that we experience, and they communicate with us through sensations and emotions. When we ignore or numb these signals, we are depriving ourselves of the opportunity to heal and grow.

Let me share my own personal experience with this concept. I grew up a competitive golfer, playing many hours every day. I started experiencing back pain at age 14. I was told to "tough it out", so I did. When the sensations got louder, a doctor put me on birth control and gave me anti-inflammatories. By age 17, my body was screaming so loudly, despite the ignoring and numbing, that I could no longer swing a golf club.

My pain didn't get fully resolved until I found yoga and really started to tune-in to the sensations I was feeling. This helped me to process all of the chronic trauma that had been placed on my body over the years.

So I urge you to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY... Pay attention to the messages it is sending, and tend to it's needs. Take time to care for yourself, to rest when you need it, and to seek support when you are struggling. You are not alone.

Let's collectively let go of the belief that we have to push ourselves over the edge in order to succeed or help others. Let's embrace a new paradigm, one in which we prioritize our own well-being and listen to the wisdom of our bodies. Only then can we truly thrive and make a positive impact in the world.


Dr. Emily Mason

Dr. Emily Mason

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