If you feel like you don’t have control over your body’s symptoms, especially in your pelvic region then 1:1 women’s online health coaching with Dr. Emily is your answer.

She will reduce any confusion you have about what is happening to your body and why.

Following your online 1:1 sessions with Dr. Emily’s guidance, you experience more energy, improved intimacy and connection in your relationships, improved productivity and fulfillment in your career, less stress and anxiety and more.

Dr. Emily’s health coaching sessions are more than just health and coaching for your body. You might be surprised at how other areas of your life improve as well.

Coaching will be individualized based on your needs and may include:

- A personalized nutrition plan to nourish mind, body, and spirit for improved energy

- A custom fitness program tailored to your body and exercise style for enhanced functional strength and confidence in your body

- A home detox plan for hormone optimization and nervous system regulation

- Your customized sleep blueprint for deeper and better night’s sleep

-Individualized stress reduction framework for less anxiety in your day to day to be more present and connected in your relationships

- Online targeted pain reduction techniques to empower you to confidently care for yourself independently

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